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Runner’s Transformation

Runners Transformation
Transform your running performance, become fitter and stronger and blitz the pounds or the PB!

Whether you’re a beginner, middle distance or seeking a further challenge, there’s something for all of you with our Runner’s Transformation Programmes that get results fast!

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28 Day Transformation

28 day transformation

You want to lose weight and tone up. You’ve tried every diet going and nothing has worked, you don’t want to fast or juice and feel hungry all the time.

You are unsure how to achieve your goals on your own as you eat a healthy diet.

You want to understand why you’ve gained weight.

You crave sweet and sugary foods and you want this stop

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90 Day Transformation

90 Day Transformartion

You want to lose weight and tone up, but you don’t like gyms.

You have trouble staying motivated to keep exercising.

You are unsure how to achieve your goals on your own.

You don’t have much time and don’t want to keep wasting money on things that don’t work!

You want results and you want them fast!

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us…

“Over the past couple of years my weight has been creeping up. I tried weight loss programmes before but never stuck to them. I didn’t have any reservations about signing up to the programme and was motivated to take part.

The process of working with you has been great. I have a much better understanding of food and the impact of processed foods on the body. It has been very different to other diets where you can still have processed treats. I have enjoyed preparing and eating new foods. It is unlike any other diet I have done because as well as losing weight I feel so much better on the inside (a good feeling that is hard to describe). Getting advice and support daily has been really motivating, from you and also other members of the group.

The best result from the programme has been the loss of inches of fat from my body. My total weight loss in 28 days was 12lbs, with a 1.5 inch loss from my thighs, 2 inch loss from my hips, 2.5 inch loss from my waist and 0.5 inch loss from my arms!

The best personal result is feeling great and energised from the inside. I’m motivated to stick to healthy ways” Alice Henstock

“I had enjoyed working with Debbie through my pregnancy and was keen to get back into exercise. I thought the RunFit Programme sounded fun and the right level of challenge. Meeting in the village with other women to take part in the training also sounded appealing.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run a 5K but Debbie was very reassuring that she’d help me achieve this.

The programme was such good fun. The sessions were fab – really well planned and structured. We were pushed in the right way to really get the most out of us. Training with other women of similar fitness levels lead to a nice team spirit. I ran my first 5K and in a time I was really proud of (33 mins!).

My commitment to getting fit, and belief that I can be fit, has increased significantly since I joined the programme and I’ve just signed up for a second go which I’m very excited about!” Nicky Watson

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Just click on the button below to claim your FREE Discovery session and get ready for your transformation! Free Discovery Session

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