Where you’re at …

You lack confidence in your pelvic floor because you leak when you laugh, cough or sneeze and when you exercise.

You practice kegels but they are not enough.

You may also experience low back pain and everything you have tried has not helped

Perhaps you have a Diastasis Recti (tummy gap) after having babies no matter how long ago and you want a better looking tummy, the sit ups and planks are not working

You’ve been told to do your pelvic floor exercises by a physio for a slight/low level prolapse and you need support.

You’ve had a hysterectomy and want to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor and recover fully.

Your problem is preventing you from doing the things you love and living life to the max.

What your issues tend to be …

You don’t know what exercises to do for better results.

You’ve had to stop doing certain exercise such as running because your pelvic floor does not function well

You may have limited time and struggle to find time to exercise.

You’re tired of pain and niggles and really want them gone.

What you need help with right now …

Time for yourself where you can rejuvenate and do something for you

Guidance and motivation to help you achieve small goals that will boost your confidence.

Support from other women just like you.

Doing something that has worked for others in your situation and which has proven results!

Get back to living a life you love completely!

Our Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman Pelvic Floor and Core Health Programme will suit you best.

This is not your average pelvic floor and core class but truly a gift that keeps on giving and one every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime.

The programme is adaptable for virtually all women and is designed to bring you ‘back home’ to your amazing body with your pelvic and core health at the centre of our focus.

Enjoy 12 wonderful weeks of movement, nutritional guidance and education regarding your pelvic floor, core and women’s fitness/wellness on this unique Holistic Core Restore® ‘Everywoman’

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