Where you’re at.

You are experiencing symptoms of peri menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, weight gain around the middle and more.

Its feel relentless and brings you down.

You are busy throughout the day with work, teens, husband, pets, parents, housework, homework, cooking all of which seems to be on constant repeat.

Perhaps you’re making time for regular exercise but you’re no longer feeling the same results and sometimes it’s a struggle to motivate yourself.

You tend to take care of everyone around you before yourself.

When it’s time for sleep, you are prone to falling into a deep slumber, only to wake up just a few hours later, dog tired but yet unable to get back to sleep.

You wake still feeling tired most mornings and need coffee to get you going for the day.

What your issues tend to be …

Your symptoms are not getting better, you want them to go away and wonder what you can do.

You’re unhappy with the way you feel and struggle to get through the days without event.

You know you could make changes to improve your diet, you have ‘good’ days but you find it really difficult, give in to temptation, and keep putting it off.

Perhaps you wonder how you can get more energy to help you through the days

You want to feel fit and well so you can be more active in your day, with your children and get on with enjoying life.

What you need help with right now …

You know what you could be doing better and you really want to achieve your goals but you need guidance and motivation to get on the right track and keep you going through this time of change.

You need something that you know has worked for others and that will give you the boost you need to put in the effort required to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

The Menopause Project will suit you best …

The Menopause Project delivers guidance and support to keep you accountable and change habits that are not serving you and is tailored specifically to your needs and schedule!

The Menopause Project is a 12 week programme that helps you banish overwhelm, control stress and get those hormones in check.

This is full in-depth programme of education and practical challenges on all the big rocks of peri menopause that are keeping you stuck. You’ll get an in depth look at symptoms and why they happen, hormones, exercise, nutrition and digestion, gut, pelvic and bone health, and we look at life laundry, stress management and lifestyle too.

This programme is the perfect accompaniment to your menopause journey by giving you the complete tool kit to manage and banish your symptoms and enjoy this wonderful phase in your life and beyond.

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